DR and Migration Implementation

DR and Migration Implementation #

Implementing DR and Migration validated solution includes configuring VMware Cloud Director Availability.

To implement and configure VMware Cloud Director Availability, you can use the user interface of each component in the solution.

This guidance provides a prescriptive path for deploying VMware Cloud Director Availability in a management and/or VI workload domain.

Prerequisites #

Here is a high-level list of the requirements to deploy VMware Cloud Director Availability. For more details, please refer to the official documentation.

  1. DNS and NTP server

  2. SSO Lookup Service Address

  3. SSO admin credentials. If not available, then a user with the following privileges:

Cryptographic operations:
  * Cryptographic operations.Manage keys
  * Cryptographic operations.Register host
Datastore privileges:
  * Datastore.Browse
  * Datastore.Configure datastore
  * Datastore.Low level file operations
Extension privileges:
  * Extension.Register extension
  * Extension.Unregister extension
  * Extension.Update extension
Global privileges:
  * Global.Disable methods
  * Global.Enable methods
Host configuration privileges:
  * Host.Configuration.Connection
Profile-driven storage privileges:
  * Profile-driven storage.Profile-driven storage view
Resource privileges:
  * Resource.Assign virtual machine to resource pool
Storage views privileges:
  * StorageViews.View
Virtual machine configuration privileges:
  * Virtual machine.Configuration.Add existing disk
  * Virtual machine.Configuration.Change Settings
  * Virtual machine.Configuration.Remove disk
Virtual machine inventory privileges:
  * Virtual machine.Inventory.Register
  * Virtual machine.Inventory.Unregister
Virtual machine interaction:
  * Virtual machine.Interaction.Power Off
  * Virtual machine.Interaction.Power On
Virtual machine state privileges:
  * Virtual machine.Snapshot management.Create snapshot
  * Virtual machine.Snapshot management.Remove snapshot
HBR privileges:
  * Host.Hbr.HbrManagement
  * VirtualMachine.Hbr.ConfigureReplication
  * VirtualMachine.Hbr.ReplicaManagement
  * VirtualMachine.Hbr.MonitorReplication
  1. Routing and Firewall Ports in place

  2. Compatible versions of vCenter and VMware Cloud Director – open the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices

  3. The ESXi hosts in all paired on-premises sites and in all paired cloud sites must run one of the following vSphere product editions that include the vSphere Replication feature:

  • vSphere Essentials Plus
  • vSphere Standard
  • vSphere Enterprise
  • vSphere Enterprise Plus
  • vSphere Desktop

Proceedure #

  1. Deploy the VMware Cloud Director Availability appliances
    All the steps required for deploying the three VMWare Cloud Director Availability appliances. Read more

  2. Configure the VMware Cloud Director Availability appliances
    Walk through the steps of the initial setup wizard of VMware Cloud Director Availability. Read more

  3. Configure multiple network interfaces
    All the instructions if needed to configure multiple network adapters on each of the VMware Cloud Director Availability appliances. Read more

  4. Attach Usage Meter to the VMware Cloud Director Availability Replication Management appliance
    How to add the VMware Cloud Director Availability to Usage meter. Read more