Horizon Metering and Reporting

Horizon Metering and Reporting #

Product Detection #

Horizon is added for metering in Usage Meter The provider needs to enter the endpoint IP address or hostname, user and password, and the domain to which Horizon belongs. After the product certificate is accepted in the Usage Meter web application and the connection to Horizon is successful, the data collection starts.

Metering #

Usage Meter collects data for the number of concurrent connections from the Horizon Connection Server and the license with which the concurrent connections are associated. Usage Meter collects data every 1 hour and sends it to vCloud Usage Insight. Usage Meter stores in-memory the last received number of concurrent connections. It compares the latest collected data with the in-memory data and pushes the value to vCloud Usage Insight if it has changed. The Horizon usage is calculated based on the maximum number of concurrent connections per license edition for the month. If Horizon is not licensed or not reachable, Usage Meter will generate a warning message in the Usage Meter Notifications tab.

Reporting #

Horizon usage is reported per license edition. The following license editions are reported by Usage Meter

  • VMware Horizon Standard
  • VMware Horizon Advanced
  • VMware Horizon Enterprise
  • VMware Horizon Apps Standard
  • VMware Horizon Apps Advanced

Sample Monthly Usage Report for Horizon

Product Hostname Version VC UUID Unit of Measure Units to be Reported
VMware Horizon Standard Concurrent Connection 15
VMware Horizon Enterprise Concurrent Connection 20