Cloud Director Metering and Reporting

Cloud Director Metering and Reporting #

Configuration #

Usage meter collects product usage information from all VMware Cloud Director endpoints that are registered with Usage Meter. The Usage Meter administrator must configure the endpoint and credentials through the Usage Meter web application.

Feature Detection #

Usage Meter calculates an Average Capped Billed vRAM (GB) value for all virtual machines managed by Cloud Director. Refer to the vCenter Server section for a detailed description of the Average Capped Billed vRAM formula. The different reservation models in VMware Cloud Director are only relevant if memory reservations are applied directly to the VM, not on resource pool level. When Usage Meter fails to connect to a registered Cloud Director instance, the following actions are taken:

  • The failure is logged in the Usage Meter log
  • An indication of the failure is shown on the Notifications page in the Usage Meter web application

Reporting #

The Cloud Director usage is reported as part of the VMware vCloud SP Bundle. VMware Cloud Director is part of the Flex Core bundle snd thus it’s usage is reported as part of it.