Welcome To the VMware Cloud Provider Architecture Toolkit #

Introduction #

The VMware Cloud Provider Architecture Toolkit™ is a set of reference documents that will become the basis for future VMware Validated Solutions for VMware Cloud Providers. Like all the VMware Validated Solutions, each solution in the VMware Cloud Provider Architecture Toolkit is based on VMware Cloud Foundation. Other existing VMware Validated Solutions may be used together with these solutions for VMware Cloud Providers.

VMware Validated Solutions for Cloud Providers Documentation Map #

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The toolkit is hosted on GitHub to enable easy collaboration with VMware Engineering and Architecture teams and to enable a simple feedback mechanism for Architects at VMware Cloud Providers to contribute by starting a GitHub discussion.

We have organized the toolkit first by solution and then by product for additional content as shown in the left panel document index. When complete, each solution will become a VMware Validated Solution for Cloud Providers. As solutions are completed, they may be integrated into the general product documentation and deprecated from this collection.

Here are a few of the solutions we are working on:

  • Cloud Infrastructure for Cloud Providers – This will describe the use of the VMware Cloud Provider Lifecycle Manager to add the VMware Cloud Provider Platform stack to a single site medium size VMware Cloud Foundation deployment. The BOM for this design will replace the VVD for Cloud Providers as the new basis for VMware Cloud Verified and is validated using the same extensive scale and performance testing. Products covered in this VMware Validated Solution include: VMware Cloud Director, VMware vCloud Usage Meter and VMware vRealize TenantApp. Configurations using VMware Cloud Director service and VMware Clouds provided by hyperscalers are provided in the separate Toolkit documents.
  • DR & Migration for Cloud Providers – This will describe the deployment of VMware Cloud Director Availability into two medium sized Cloud Infrastructure sites for both disaster recovery and migration use cases.
  • Developer Ready Cloud for Cloud Providers – This will describe what is needed to add developer services to a Cloud Infrastructure deployment using VMware Tanzu services. Products covered in this VMware Validated Solution include: VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension, VMware Cloud Director Oject Storage Extension, VMware Cloud Director Application Launchpad, VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ, VMware Tanzu SQL, VMware Tanzu GemFire & VMware Tanzu Greenplum.
  • Sovereign Cloud – This will describe how a Cloud Infrastructure can be designed and configured to meet the needs of Sovereign Cloud workloads. The focus will be on how to configure and operate the cloud to meet Sovereign Cloud requirements.

Each solution has at least some of the following sections:

  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ for the specific Validated Solution
  • Solution Overview - Recording of a presentation providing the solution overview
  • Design Objectives - Design objectives drive the prescriptive outcome of this validated solution to deliver a faster deployment suitable for use in production
  • Detailed Design - The design considers the components of the this validated solution. It includes numbered design decisions, and the justification and implications of each decision.
  • Designs Decisions - Consolidated view of design decisions, their justification and implications of each decision.
  • Planning and Prep workbook - Before you start implementing the components of the validated solution, you must plan and gather inputs such as external service information (DNS, NTP), IP Addresses, host names and more.
  • Implementation - Step-by-step procedures guide you through the implementation of this validated solution.
  • Operational Guidance - After you complete the implementation of the validated solution, you perform common operations on the environment, such as examining the operational state of the components added to the environment during the implementation and updating the certificates and account passwords for these components.
  • Solution Interoperability - Integrate the validated solution with components added to your VMware Cloud Foundation environment by other validated solutions. You can use such validated solutions for monitoring and alerting, logging, backup and restore, disaster recovery, and life cycle management with certain considerations.
  • Sample Project – Step-by-step guidance to create a sample environment using both the UI and infrastructure as code such as PowerShell, Terraform and Packer where applicable.